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Regatta’s End

Regatta’s End (SOLD)

7″ x 9″   oil

Regatta’s End is another little oil painting I did recently – mostly palette knife work.  Fun!

Driftwood Reflections

Driftwood Reflections

Oil, 9″ x 9″

I’ve also been experimenting with a square format, and this painting is the first of two that I completed recently.  (I used a brush this time, though!)

More Adventures in Oil Painting

Bayberry Dance (SOLD)

Oil, 11″ x 14″

I love working with palette knives, and this painting Bayberry Dance is about 90% palette knife work.

New paintings and news

I’ve been absolutely swamped with art and art-related projects over the past few weeks. This is so typical of me – when I have free time, I don’t always feel like painting. When I have no time, that’s when I want to paint. Sort of like how I used to do my term papers in college.  Here are a few paintings that I’ve been working on over the past few weeks (below).
Anyway, I’ve been prolific and productive, and now have a weekend ahead that includes TWO gallery show openings, ONE juried show opening, and a day’s work at the Maple & Main Gallery of Fine Art in Chester, CT. Then off to Vermont next week for a 2-day figure workshop. Christmas shopping? Haven’t even thought about it yet….

Spring Creek (SOLD)

Pastel, 9″ x 12″

Bass Rocks

Pastel, 11″ x 15″

Gloucester Morning

Pastel, 8″ x 10″

Pastels in plein air

“Sunlight on the Great Swamp”

9 x 12

The weather has been so beautiful in the Northeast this past week that I took advantage of it by joining a few artist friends to paint in the Great Swamp of Patterson, NY.  This was my plein air painting from Wednesday, painted at mid-day with a high sun.  As you can see, fall has begun!

Yesterday’s plein air study

This was my plein air study from yesterday’s class with David Dunlop at Waveny Park in New Canaan.  It was a hot day so I tried to find a place to paint that was shaded.  I think I pretty well captured the feel of the humidity at mid-day.  I am also attaching a picture of a frog who was croaking during David’s demonstraton (LOL).!

“Waveny Park Pond” 12 x 12

Plein air paintings from Gloucester and Rockport last week

“Annisquan River Harbor”  11 x 14 (SOLD)

Here are a few more little oil paintings I did on location in Gloucester last week.  We had great weather the whole time and I am finding that I am inclined to use mostly light layers of transparent oil colors in plein air work since they seem to best evoke a sense of luminosity, especially when painting in bright sunlight or near water.

“Little Harbor in Gloucester”  9 x 12

“House on the Harbor”  6 x 8

Adventures in landscape oil painting

I haven’t posted for a while. I was away most of June in Italy, and then spent July either catching up with everything I didn’t do in June, at the beach, or trying to stay cool in the summer heat WITH NO AIR CONDITIONING IN MY HOUSE! Not an easy feat, believe me.

I have been taking a once-weekly plein air painting class with David Dunlop this summer, and we paint on location in all different places around CT. I decided to do the class all in oils (vs pastels, which I’ve done a lot of plein air painting in) in order to improve my speed and also to figure out a good oil outdoor setup for myself.

I also was lucky enough to get an invitation up to Gloucester, MA to stay at a friend’s house on the water with a few other plein air artists and paint for a few days. And of course I’ve been doing paintings of Fire Island. So, here’s an update on what I’ve been putting together, oil painting-wise (and more to come, once I get them photographed!):

“To Bayberry Dunes” 9 x 12 (SOLD)

“Umbrian Grapevines” 11 x 14

“Ghost Dance” 5 x 7

“Erosion-Part I” 6 x 8

“Rockport Breakers” 6 x 8 (SOLD)

“Little Marsh Dance” 5 x 7 (SOLD)

“Nothing But The Boat” 6 x 8 (SOLD)

Indian River Soliloquy-revisited

“Indian River Soliloquy” 11 x 14

I originally painted this scene in black pastel only, for the Salmagundi Club’s Black & White show this past winter.  The drawing was strong, so I decided to add some color.  The new version, “Indian River Soliloquy,” will be in the upcoming ‘Water Works’ show at the Gregory James Gallery which opens May 15th.

Blog update -finally!

It’s been ages since I’ve updated this blog, but I have a Spring 2010 resolution to do so on a regular basis!

Lots happening these days – I continue to paint regularly with the High Street Painters in Brattleboro, VT and my portrait/figure work in oil is coming along. I recently took a one-day landscape workshop in oils up in Putney, VT with Dennis Sheehan – what fun! We ‘made up’ our scenes which was liberating and fun. I’m looking forward to Dennis’ next one-day workshop in May.
I also spent a few painting sessions in Vt in March with Juan Ramirez who was visiting for a few weeks from Chicago. Lots of laughs, and Juan presented all us HSPs with copies of the updated draft of his notes on Sargent, soon to be in book form if all goes well.
I just dropped off 3 paintings to Greg Mullen at the Gregory James Gallery in New Milford, CT for its upcoming “Waterworks” show, set to open Saturday, May 15th from 6 – 8p. Am posting “Marsh Dance” here today, which will be in the show. I hope to get one more painting to him before the opening.
Thursday evening April 29th is the opening of my solo exhibit at Mill Street Home in Greenwich, CT. The reception is from 5 – 8p and should be lots of fun. Mill Street Home is a very cool store, with lots of interesting decor and furnishings made of natural materials.
Two weeks ago the Front Street Gallery opened in Patterson, New York and currently features a show of paintings by Mary Souter, Linda Puiatti, and Gene Cadore. Next month Crista Pisano’s oil landscapes will be featured, and I hope to have work hung there in the coming months as well.  I’ve been trying to go up to paint with Gene at the gallery weekly and am also practicing my Italian on him, in prep for our trip to Umbria in June.   Thank God he’s a good sport!

More later-